Sunday, July 16, 2017

what are you looking at?

Lohbado enjoyed looking at textures, lines, forms, luminosity, colour. The other night he dreamed about the wall with paint flaking off. He floated past walls that became larger until the flaking paint turned into a 3 dimensional jungle. He woke in a dark bedroom and gazed through the bedroom door to morning light streaming in along a passageway. He felt like a lost soul yearning for the light.

What does it mean to feel lost? What is meaning. To get lost in thought, stream of consciousness, for a few minutes, Lohbado didn't notice what he was looking at. His eyes glazed over as he got swept along in a discursive frenzy of trying to understand what exactly was going on. Morning light on a wall woke him from the reverie. To look inwards, to look outwards, sometimes the mind is in a blur. Sometimes one might notice something.

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