Thursday, April 1, 2010

Morono Spirituality of Spring

A for ah ha, ah yeah, aaaaa ha ha ha ha! Accelerate your spirit into the rite of spring. Why wait for summer? Now is the time. Club Morono wants you. Feel lonely and powerless no more. Club Morono provides a wealth of spiritual techniques to make you a dynamic, number one individual.

"How much are you willing to believe?" a hen asked the hatching chicken.

"Whatever you say," replied the chick, as she paid for the program.

In the process of hatching, a chicken destroyed the hidden Easter egg.

This is the AMB (All-Mind Broadcast) of Club Morono. At Club Morono, hard luck could be transformed into the happy light of awakening. This is your chance to tap into energy stream galaxies connected with chakras in rising levels of ascension. Tune in to your inner secret Cosmic Gorilla. Beat your chest with gapes, squeeze lemons and walk on soft boiled eggs. Earth is the best planet for this to happen.

Quickly now: jump up, wave your arms around and make the first sound that rises from your voice box. Make it an unusual sound. Surprising sounds and unusual movements stop the mind, enabling one to tune into the Oorsis energy of Oogah or the Oogah vibrations of Oorsis. Join Club Morono, while there is plenty of time.

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