Monday, March 29, 2010

Eros of Sound

Porking can of oinky pig squealy sound fully cooked, observation, endless regression, onion skin peeling analysis, crumbling buttery croissant, poke your finger into the pastry to verify.

Finger prodding soft croissant, to get to the bottom of the matter, finger sinks deeper into a cornucopia of various sensations within the discipline of moisturology. Jump to sound, eros of sound: to be read aloud.

At the risk of sounding stuffy old gray suit and nostril hair balloon, I would like to repeat, as in a musical composition involving repetition, sometimes from the beginning, singing a verse or verses twice and of course, the chorus. Let be repeated age old analogy of body and music, desire sublimated into sound, vibrations of one person felt by another. Something originating from within one body, enters another body and bridges a gap between people, creating intimate feeling.

Body as musical instrument, voice expressing tension, or contraction and expansion of muscles and organs, voices from various registers in the body, under an overlay of smell: vegetable soup and a plate of chicken-slathered noodles, warm, steamy smell from the flatulent family. Body odor rounds out the experience. Sound alone might be too abstract. Sound, laced with smell, enriches the contact. All that's missing is touch and taste. For sight, one simply has to look at the person.

The essentially linguistic-musical world of language and meaning, I meant to imply the following:

1. Sound as an expression of the body: cough, burp, sneeze, fart, sign, moan and groan, sucking, smacking, licking sugar off the fingers and then a long, leisurely yawn.

2. Content of sound, what the person may or may not be trying to say, a message communicated through tone, between the words, or through what is said and left unsaid.

3. Emotional tone: Certain smooth, melodic, comforting, intimate, welcoming tones come across as quite sensual. Glassy, screechy, moralistic, authoritarian tones tend to alienate the listener. Ironic, whining, rise and fall of resignation could be irritating. The nasal twitter and long, drawn-out tweak of whining is forbidden.

4. Mental associations and memories sparked by sound.

Sound: connection via wave forms originating deep within one body and entering the temple of the ear. Sometimes waves make receiving bodies vibrate, setting off chemical, lubricating synap gaps, a blissful smooth flow of neurons in a warm flush of well-being.

Of course, you never know if a speaker was genuine, or playing a game, flirting to draw you in with one sound, only to push you away with the next. Or, sound could be misinterpreted, honest mistake.

Sound colors perception, adding a dimension lacking in the written word read silently. In movies, background music acts as a cipher for emotion, letting the audience know how to respond to each scene. Loud, pompous noise, washes of feeling, endless possibility exists for the maker of background music, or an endless, uniformly predictable drone.

Chorus: Pork porking canned chicken wieners beans tomatoes, so many things in a can, even laughter.

I closed my eyes in the cafe to feel close contact, via sound, with various people. Contact, via sound is an exciting, stimulating and erotic form of intermingling. I listened to people tapping away into face book or twittering and text-messaging and then giggling and laughing, couples cozily set up with laptops. Their enthusiasm was contagious. I couldn't help but smile as youth proclaimed itself, bringing back memories, a world of the past. That's part of mortality; a middle-aged man awakening to the fact that his youth is over and out. He can no longer keep up with the new generation. But of course, a man who ages without embarrassment or fear could enjoy the transparent aspect of situations, the surrealistic tinge to reality, how moments feel porous, how what was once taken so seriously, suddenly feels quite comical.

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