Friday, March 12, 2010

Are You Washed?

View from inside a car going through the car wash, are you washed? Soap sud slither on windshield before brush and rinse, soap and brush contacted metal and glass.

Lohbado viewed his long thin body as a skeleton key to unlocking mysteries leading to further mysteries leading into the vast unspeakable and unknowable. How could this happen? Another Lohbado situation, it would be impossible to have anything to do with what lies outside the body or mind. So why mention it?

Lohbado was hoping to get out of what felt like an imprisoning everyday world, in which one is forced to eat, sleep, get a job, go shopping and so on. Lohbado dreamed of being relieved of all bodily and mental functions. He desired nothing less than complete and total annihilation. Dream on Lohbado!

OK, so then dream. When the outer world feels too painful, then it's time to join Club Morono. At Club Morono, it is not necessary to have a sexy body, or smooth personality. The garden of imaginary delights is open to all who dare to enter in. Pleasant mental images more than compensate for lack of carnal joy.

After years of solitude, Lohbado discovered the inner world of clarity, playfulness and imagination at Club Morono. At Club Morono, he began to feel comfortable in body and cheerful in mind. At Club Morono, he found many friends. The whole pain alienation thing could have been avoided had he stopped looking for acceptance in the wrong places. Everyone at Club Morono is accepted, as long as he or she wishes to become one of the congregation, one of us!

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