Friday, September 23, 2011

the miracle of wine to blood

Blood is a very potent religious symbol, a meme bleeding with significance. So is wine. This all started yesterday, when it came time to wash my hands. Someone asked, are you washed? As a boy, I sang a hymn at church called, "Are you washed in the blood of the lamb." Then there's the turning of wine into blood, during the mass.

I had an old bottle of wine, undrinkable. I decided to pour it down the bathroom sink, kill two birds with one stone. Wash hands, eat a soft boiled egg and pour out a bottle of wine. Wine also served as ritual libation in Greek religion. One poured wine on the ground in memory of whichever dead person one wanted to remember.

This act of domestic multitasking was nothing short of a miracle. Before my eyes, the egg, minus contents, which I'd eaten, blocked the drain. Wine splattered into the sink, as if I'd accidentally cut myself and blood went spurting all over the place. I felt strangely alive, a mess of blood, soap and egg. After taking the photos, I turned on the tap and washed it all away.