Friday, September 30, 2011

The Garden of Oogah and Oorsis

Dig with fingers into the earth, hands get dirty. Some flowers have thorns. After a while the pictures form a sequence. It started last week with dumping out some old wine. It made a mess of the bathroom sink. A bar of soap marinated for a few days in a pool of wine and made a good hand wash. Maybe wine soaked soap would make a good gift to give during the winter holiday season.

Lohbado must never lose sight of Oogah and Oorsis, spirits hovering around the thistle garden.  Fortunately, as God and Goddess, they weren't too concerned about sin. Sin was an invention of other religions. In Club Morono, original sin did not exist. Sometimes a person behaved like a fool and felt ashamed. The person could confess and make an aspiration not to do it again. Oogah and Oorsis told Lohbado and Jane Wormsly, the original inhabitants of the Great Thistle Garden, that they were free to do as they chose, as long as they didn't hurt each other, harm anyone else or damage the environment. God and Goddess encouraged Lohbado and Jane to know themselves and each other and to drink deep from the well of knowledge.

Lohbado first encountered Oogah on Rock Hill, on the Plains of Radiation, a few years ago when he worked for the Department of Regulation in the Cha Region of the Poh Valley in the Secret Sahara Desert. Oogah haunted the hill. Jane Wormsly studied Oorsis, the spirit of the great bear, who roamed the hills and plains. Together, Oogah and Oorsis took credit for the creation of the universe and provided comfort for several generations of Moronovians, the ancestors of those who currently meet at the Club Morono Tabernacle to commune with The Great Nomroh.

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