Friday, October 11, 2013

The Chief Nomroh

acrylic on paper and wood

The Chief Nomroh presides over the Secret Tabernacle at the Moronovian Temple. Not much can be said about it, because attendants of the tabernacle maintain strict secrecy, although from time to time, rituals have been performed in meadows, in the forest, or at the top of cliffs overlooking the sea. The rituals provide a way to slow down and connect with what's there all along, staring you in the face, but you were too busy or in too much of a hurry to see it. The rituals wallow in sensual contact with the earth, rock, vegetation, heat and the sky. Sometimes, during rituals, the spirit of the Great Nomroh appears in the guise of Oogah or Oorsis, to disrupt one's naive beliefs about reality and to demonstrate the transparent, dreamlike nature of appearances.

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