Wednesday, March 19, 2014

apartment blocks viewed through a window

viewed through a window

The last agonizing days of winter, things appear under a grey, dreary filter. Remove the filter and things are quite beautiful, plenty of line, pattern texture. The depression forces one to find ways to cope. It's either sink or swim, cheer up or be unhappy. One of Lohbado's many techniques is to embrace the blah feeling. Don't push it away. Don't hope for a better feeling. Eat the feeling. Digest it in one's body and mind. Feel the drowsiness, the heavy, negative state of mind. Ok, Club Morono doesn't offer false promises. This is all a story. After welcoming the misery, the bubble popped. Lohbado smiled. At one point, the desolation is so intense, it becomes picturesque.

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