Monday, March 24, 2014

endless combinations

Do the numbers add up to anything? What do they represent? The letters are a little more clear. Maybe DFO is department of fisheries, although the O is not where it should be. LOB suggests the first letters of Lohbado's name and lobster. The lobster trap bands lay next to pieces of lobster trap, which Lohbado found several years ago during a trip to the ocean.

Put on Lohbado did. Lohbado put on his celebration cap, which hung on a peg on the door. Under the celebration cap hung the thinking cap on a peg on the back of the door. He sometimes wore both caps, the thinking cap and the celebration cap. He had a red cap, black cap, a green cap, a white cap and one in beige.

    He wore the caps as he sat down to examine pieces of wood and plastic, to contemplate the inner-verse, the cosmos within. The constellations of memory, or thought associations, continuously created new stories, ideas and emotions, a candy swirl, or a blood pudding, gravy hash, gristle and fat. Thought and food, food for thought, thought about food, Lohbado examined endless combinations

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