Monday, March 31, 2014


Oogah Oosmos OOO G Ahhhhhh. Just as each letter of the alphabet has it's own sound and meaning, so each individual has an opinion, set of memories and habits and degree of clarity or confusion. Every act of communication or interaction involves the one and the many. The word Oogah contains many letters. Each individual is an expression of Oogah. Each letter in the word Oogah involves the nature of the alphabet and also meaning, connected with numerous concepts. In previous posts and in Club Morono zines, Lohbado wrote extensively about the alphabet and the word Oogah.

Since we just emerged from a long and trying winter, Lohbado recommends a simple approach to the word of Oogah. With OOO, ingest positive, life-enhancing forces. G is you, the god-like nature of humanity, where you are hooked in the human condition. Ah is the sense of space and relaxation that happens when one lets go of trying to be somebody, or trying to do something. OOO is open, relaxed and cheerful: Oogah!

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  1. Experimental morphologies plus breathing techniques and I'm in! What words, mindfully-voiced and cycled, bring healing(s)? A connection with Mongolian/Tuvan khoomei/khuumei/huumei/xoomii, methinks. Thank you, Lohbado.