Tuesday, April 29, 2014

an entire lifetime

a Lohbado diagram
Lohbado heard his name being called, a voice from the inner sanctuary of the Tabernacle. At first he wasn't sure. The deep, full-bodied voice resonated from a place deep within. It sounded like wind being blown into a jug. The voiced called a few times before Lohbado responded.

Lohbado went to the front of the Club Morono Sanctuary. He gazed up at an overhead tungsten bulb. The eye of Oogah inside the bulb winked at him. Rays of blinding light forced Lohbado to his knees. He kneeled on a peach coloured silk cushion and felt the urge to speak, as in the oral tradition. He realized how all his life he'd been obsessed with a set of concerns, quite limited when viewed against the vast and profound nature of all that there is. The voice of Oogah told Lohbado not to worry. He would be given twenty-four hours to organize his thoughts. He would be called back to account for himself tomorrow.

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