Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lohbado clown

Lohbado went to the marital aids store to try and save his relationship with Esmerelda. This was just before he met Dr. Jane Wormsly. Esmerelda had an esoteric streak. She founded the Rainbow Translation Company for a while, then booked off after a nasty infection infiltrated her wall of protection. Something from the outside got into her body. It was time to quit the business anyway. She had enough to buy rental property and live off the assets. She could do psychic appointments to cover luxury expense. She had a fabulous art collection. The local artists loved her.

Lohbado dressed up in a clean shirt and trousers to go out. At his age, he had to be careful to not look like a hobo. A young person can look good, even in rags. Vibrant skin, clear eyes, shiny hair and white teeth are what count when you’re young. When you age, the skin sags, dries out, wrinkles, gets covered in growths and warts. Hair turns grey and falls out. Teeth decay, intensifying bad breath. When you reach this point, it helps to wear clean clothes and to look smart. Otherwise, there’s the danger of attracting sleaze. 

Lohbado learned this after a few encounters in the park. Maybe the riffraff thought he was one of them. By riffraff, he meant loafers, who talk endless rambling gibberish and try to con you, or get you to have a drink or smoke a joint with them. They’re professional loafers, following the path of least resistance, to a lowest common denominator situation. They get easily jealous and agitated. One time they tried to rob Lohbado, but he got away.

Ok, more will follow... Esmerelda, Dr. Jane Wormsly, Lohbado... There’s no hurry. Each day, age slowed down Lohbado a little more. However, slow and steady will eventually bring him to the end of his memoirs.

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