Sunday, September 7, 2014


The advantage of the Moronovian method of instant delayed response in reaction to simmering memories distorted through personal filters... the real memoir emerges from between the lines.

Lohbado struggled to find a way to put the memoirs all in one place. Text and images all over the place, a hodgepodge, random, chaotic... Lord have mercy! It’s not easy organizing the images and words that ooze from the head, or from wherever thoughts originate. One could observe synapse gaps, nueron firings... see the physical brain electrified.

Thoughts are invisible to the naked eye. Not even the most powerful optical device has been able to see anything more than chemical or electrical activity in the brain. Have a thought right now. Try to see the thought. What does the thought look like? A thought can be thought, but remains invisible. Lohbado tried to turn his invisible thoughts into visible text and image, then to organize it into some sort of pattern, sequence or narrative. Ego gets in there and tries to create a personality, or to give a certain impression. Lohbado tried to go beyond personality, to connect directly to various states of mind.

It takes a certain amount of courage to expose everything, not just stuff to try and make oneself look good, but to even include evidence of one’s confusion. By allowing confusion, some clarity might emerge. To shed a little light on the subject, the light of intellect shines on the heap of tendencies one identifies as being oneself. 

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