Wednesday, September 3, 2014

radiation storm

Just before the radiation storm, an explosion woke Lohbado from the bed. He peered through the front window as a three story building collapsed. Clouds of dark smoke and ash drifted over the ruins. The shock waves gave Lohbado an instant headache, pressure inside the skull. He massaged his forehead and made a pot of coffee.

He looked out again and realized the explosion was an illusion generated by thunder and storm clouds. The building was still standing. The hallucination was a flashback to things he'd witnessed during the Apocalyptic War. As he got older, his mind often played tricks.

He tried to read the news, but couldn’t concentrate. His eyes glazed over. His mind sank into a haze and wouldn’t focus. Lohbado lay on the sofa and gazed out the window, at dark clouds in the grey sky. He gave up trying to understand the destruction and why people would choose violence as opposed to friendly, patient, open-minded communication and willingness to understand one another. He knew people had a hard time accepting difference. The retired history teacher next door told Lohbado how it sent shivers up her spine when someone disagreed with her opinion. A lot of people couldn’t tolerate disagreement.

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