Monday, April 3, 2017

let go

Ocean of samsara, human realm, turmoil, conflict, strong emotions, disagreement, anger, jealousy... aaaahhhh!!! Lohbado remembered grandmother's advice. Whenever he got worked up into a tither, she'd tell him to let go. Don't wallow in misery. Don't nurture self-destructive or soul-destroying thought loops. Let go.

Thoughts come and go like waves. Watch as a wave of thinking washes in and submerges the mind. Pause. Let the thoughts go, as the wave slides back into the ocean. Breath out. Exhale. Dissolve.

Start again. Breathe in. Relax. Breathe out. Let go. Grandmother recommended this as a way to settle the mind. Sit up straight. Breathe naturally. Let go of whatever thoughts, emotions or psychodramas take place. Let it all go. When you see a negative motif starting up, nip it in the bud. Don't get sucked into dead end stories. Let go.

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