Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday afternoon bicycle poem

23 C in Montreal, sunshine, Lohbado grabbed a pocket book, camera, recorder and went for a bicycle ride. Bike riding provides an interesting visual experience. One focuses on not driving into potholes, being careful of car doors that might suddenly open, shoulder checking to make sure a motorist isn't getting too close. Images flash from all directions, not to mention the deafening roar and exhaust fumes. Lohbado stopped every 15 minutes or so to relax, read a little, take a few photos. The sequence of visual images occurred in the form of a poem, emanating something about the experience of being swept along in the city, confronted with visual forms, textures, some beautiful, some ugly, mostly ordinary. Reality could be described from many perspectives, using various means of communication. One could dance, play music, take photos, or simply enjoy forms on the canvas of space.

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