Sunday, August 13, 2017

don't be dogmatic

colorized ink drawings from Lohbado's sketchbook
Sometimes the mind gets sucked into an ideology, a cluster of concepts, a model of existence, a belief system or religious conviction. This could be an obstacle to further exploration. The dogmatic approach sets limits. It says: ok, this is as far as we go. Anything beyond that is just nonsense. Those who persist in going father than what we agree upon as constituting truth are rebels, or radical thinkers out to destroy certainty. Things are already laid out. You don't have to reinvent to wheel. All you have to do is trust, obey and do it because daddy said so, because daddy knows best.

In fact, being is infinite. Things are infinitely divisible. Things interconnect, one thing leading to another in an infinite network. One's perception occurs within the range of things that become large enough to be perceived. It's like watching a bird appear in the sky. The bird flies about. One watches the bird fly away, becoming smaller in the distance, until it is a tiny dot then vanishes from view. One's experience of the bird occurs between the moment it appears in one's visual field to the moment it vanishes, or from the moment one notices the thing until one spaces out, gets distracted, or stops noticing the thing.

So unless a person is aware of all things at all times, in other words, unless a person knows everything, how can a person be so sure? How can a person say: ok, this is as far as we go, when there's so much more to explore? How can a person say, this is it, when what the person presents is merely a part of an infinite multiplicity of things?

Club morono recommends an inquisitive approach. Be open minded, friendly, imaginative, playful and have a sense of humour. Be willing to admit one could be wrong and that there's more to the picture than meets the eye.

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