Sunday, August 27, 2017

re-assuring presence

sculpture by Glen LeMesurier
Lohbado exists as a kind of Robinson Crusoe, shipwrecked in a lone world in the city of Montreal. Being alone intensifies things to breaking point. It could be positive in so far as it opens the mind and creates greater awareness of the senses. The idea is to appreciate what's out there, to be content with what you have and to smile, realizing one is a grain of sand among billions of sand grains. One is a mode of infinite nature.

While riding around, Lohbado noticed how certain forms, whether it be a window in a brick wall, or an old turret roof or a metal sculpture in silhouette soothed his mind. They offered reassurance that he was part of a vast world of intelligent, creative people who likewise enjoy sensual beauty. One could be alone and yet connected. It's like drinking strong coffee. It takes getting used to, but can be invigorating.

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