Sunday, September 17, 2017

inner cosmos

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Inner cosmos, innerverse, to explore inwards, as opposed to outwards into the universe, discover the inner universe; not that they're separate. It's a funny way of describing introspection, contemplation, to look at one's mind. To arrive at a clear and distinct knowledge of things is what reason enjoys, wrote Spinoza in Ethics. The highest joy of reason is knowledge of infinite nature. There's the relative state of affairs in the everyday world, the turmoil of emotions, conflict of opinions, hustle and bustle. It's easy to get lost and confused, sucked into pointless struggle and claustrophobic thought loops.

The pain of confusion caused Lohbado to stop and reflect, to sit down, to have a look at what appeared to be going on in his mind and in the world. It's an exciting exploration, the journey inwards. Journey implies a goal or destination. Reason enjoys knowledge of essence, nature of things, the absolute. There's no destination other than to make the journey, see what's there, to grow like a plant towards the sun of wisdom. As one relaxes and pays attention, gradually the clouds of confusion begin to dissolve. Inner turmoil gives way to calm and serene waves.

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