Friday, September 8, 2017

uncork the wine

watercolours from Lohbado sketchbook
Friday seems like as good a time as any to uncork the wine. In this case, Lohbado is speaking figuratively, since there's no more wine in Lohbado's cupboard. However he has lots of cups. The idea is to pause a moment, relax. Of course to pause and relax could be like releasing a genii from a bottle, or like opening Pandora's box. A waterfalls of mental chatter comes frothing out the top of the bottle. Pour into a glass. Eventually sediments settle to the bottom.

Once the mind settles, it's a fine time to contemplate the mysteries of being somebody swept along in a world beyond one's control. One is a biological being, body and mind intertwined. Mind can operate in an invisible realm to sort things out, or to try and find meaning. The content of thought can be traceable back to material things. Material things are understood in the realm of thought. 

Lohbado often felt like a fly trapped in a jar. Both fly and jar dissolve under close scrutiny. But without a jar and fly, such scrutiny would not be possible. 

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