Saturday, October 21, 2017

overpowering force

An overpowering force in the psyche, thoughts out of control, a roaring waterfall of thought, it often came during the night, sometimes in a dream. Lohbado rose from the bed. Take a deep breath. Move around. Relax. It's an adventure, to awaken in a storm of pointless, claustrophobic thought. Ha ha, cha cha, yeah yeah, ah hem. Yes So. Ah so, yes really? Ok, oh ho. Ah choo! Is there a moral to the story? Do you have another reassuring platitude? Sure, sure, lots of them. Lots of platitudes, help yourself. A real smorgasbord. To feel naked, in a car crash, pieces of broken glass and blood all over the place. Sink deeper into darkness and confusion while coloured lights flash, Letters, words. Why the letter A? Where is the car taking you? Relax. Eat a bowl of yoghurt then lie on the sofa until sunrise.

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