Sunday, October 8, 2017

pillow specialist

water colour from Lohbado's sketchbook
Lohbado sat at a table in a small park along a busy street while a woman sat across the table and talked on a cell phone to her specialist. Lohbado did a water colour and thought about an article he read recently about microbes and bacteria inside spaceships. They congregate on table tops and toilet seats. That could be a problem for space travellers. Lohbado wondered about microbes on his pillow. The woman interrupted his reverie by gazing into his face. Lohbado took off his sun glasses and gazed into her eyes. She exclaimed in surprise: "Oh my goodness, you're a gentleman. With your glasses on you looked like a druggie."

Sometimes if one relaxes in a park, all kinds of conversation could happen. One night, just before sunset, a woman in her fifties told Lohbado how she became an adult at the age of eight. Lohbado gazed at the table full of boozers at the next table and decided to say as little as possible. Don't talk. Just listen and don't be moralistic. It's pointless to judge people. Sometimes a little sympathy can work wonders. Acknowledge and respect humanity. In spite of confusion, misery, paranoia, trauma, we're human beings. People are born into situations beyond their control. As biological creatures, one is subject to inner and outer forces, hormones, chemicals, nervous system, heartbeat, breath, saliva, shocks, aggressive neighbours, sexual predators, unpleasant surprises, sickness, accident...

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