Friday, October 13, 2017

sound and smell of garbage truck

Garbage day, put out the garbage first thing in the morning and hope the squirrels don't rip into the sacks. As a vegetarian, Lohbado rarely created trash that would interest animals. They tend to go for sacks with left over chicken dinner and stuff like that. They also love peanut butter. The truck arrives in a burst of noise, creaking metal, engines, a punchy smell. Lohbado had some experience, years ago, hauling trash and driving garbage and recycling trucks. Dumpsters and garbage trucks have a special, vivid odour that could knock you off your feet if you're unprepared. Fortunately, the nostrils soon adapt. One gets used to the smell and focuses on getting the job done. Memories flooded Lohbado's mind as he walked past a garbage truck and inhaled the aroma, sort of like a mix of skunk, tomato juice and ammonia, a damp, steamy visceral overpowering sensation. Breathe it in, then exhale fresh air. Praise be to sanitation engineers, the athletes who take away garbage on garbage day.

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