Tuesday, February 27, 2018

pretty peas please

Nothing like fresh green peas from a can in a china bowl. Lohbado drained the brine and added peas to a plate of spaghetti. Their firm texture added character, dry peas, not mushy. Presentation adds a lot. Lohbado found a box full of beautiful old china on the curb for garbage pickup one summer. He added it to his collection.

Senorita brand cooked dry peas, product of the Philippines, a lot of tasty products from around the world are available in Cote des Neiges, Montreal. It's fun to go into a local grocery store and wander among the aisles of jars, cans, boxes, various types of packages with interesting graphics. Once in a while Lohbado would buy an item just to see and taste what was inside.

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