Sunday, February 11, 2018

psychological endurance winter challenge

view out Lohbado's front door

So, here we are again, more snow, more ice, more dark days, a few cold sunny days the trick is how to endure, especially if you add in flu, cold or whatever winter virus stops you in your tracks. Maybe you fell down hard and got a bruise, sprain, twist or broken bone. Lohbado developed a nervous tick of checking the weather forecast every two or three hours for glimmers of hope on the horizon. There's no hope. It might warm up one day. It's ice cold the next, then more snow.

Lohbado viewed it as a challenge. Forget the ice bucket challenge. This is the Montreal winter challenge. Can you get through without the blues, or without cough, sneeze, fever and sore joints? It feels like a season of entering the underworld. Go through the doorway to Hades, the world of the dead in Greek mythology. Look into space. Look at your mind. What is going on? What is your name? Sometimes Lohbado felt like he was disintegrating or dissolving. He burst out laughing. Better to laugh than cry.

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