Sunday, March 20, 2011

God is Coming

When the Lord of the Nations get here, you better make sure there's enough oil in the lantern and that your clothes are clean from not having sinned. On the great day, when God gets here, you will be clothed in robes of light. This is no joke. When you're cruising down the freeway of life, sometimes an accident, or police officer forces you to stop and take stock of the situation. When the day of reckoning happens, the little sins add up. They'll prickle the skin like thistles. You'll burn in poison ivy from head to foot with regret. Better stop sinning now, while there's still time. Everybody should be good. There's too much bad going on. People are too trigger happy, eager to drop bombs and shoot missiles. God is losing patience. Don't make God mad. I'm going to go repent over a plate of spaghetti right now.

I'm only telling you what my father and grandfathers told me, about the value of the Almighty Dollar and a hard daze evening. It's time for ladies and gentlemen of the dreaming universe to wake up.

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