Monday, January 30, 2012

Dr. Jane Wormsly in Winter

But receive me, my frensheets, from the emerald dark winterlong!
James Joyce, Finnegans Wake p. 603

I met Lohbado down at the Club Morono Tabernacle the other day. He started telling me all about Dr. Jane Wormsly, a worm specialist. I felt really tired and started daydreaming while he talked. It was pretty cold outside, a quiet cold day, nothing special. I refilled the cup of coffee and tried to concentrate on what Lohbado was telling me. A whole notion about numbers, Lohbado insisted on power in numbers. Yes, it helps to smile and be happy, even though one might sometimes feel sad. It was that kind of late January conversation. I tried to remember what Jane looked like. She's in her forties, brown hair, dark eyes. She also follows the Oogah clock on the wall in the green room where she uses various herbs to stimulate the worms.


    Another story about parasites. When Jasper Lawrence learned that hookworms might lessen the effects of his allergies, he set out on a unique mission: To travel to West Africa and purposefully become infected with the parasite. What he did next is even more surprising. Patrick Walters reported this story for Radiolab, a production of WNYC and NPR. (14 minutes)

    1. I just had a listen. Pretty interesting. Too bad he got into deep shit with the fda.

      I also read years ago about the benefits of running barefoot in the yard or in nature. Apparently, the feet can absorb certain useful micro-organism.