Friday, June 20, 2014

demons at dusk

ink drawing
Lohbado put on noise cancelling ear phones. His nose was damp with fluid. Parasites emerged from the pores of his cranium. His stomach growled in hunger. Lohbado closed his aching eyes and tried to understand existence. So far, he couldn’t understand it, other than to say that one is born into a structured, social situation and then one dies. That’s the natural order. Language is an obvious example of the kind of structure that makes human interaction possible. Although the events of one’s life might seem, from a self-centred perspective, chaotic and meaningless, reality manifests meaning and structure. Without a meaningful reality, knowledge would be impossible. It might not seem meaningful for a rational person to be slave to a master and to undergo endless suffering for no purpose other than to survive, or to fulfill social responsibilities. Lack of personal meaning doesn’t mean reality is absurd. Science, for example, discovers endless sensible arrangements.

Lohbado lived a meaningful life of making texts and images. Imagination and reason unlocked doors leading to infinite exploration of the inner and outer cosmos.

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