Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lohbado thinking concrete and abstract

A plate of beans, the ideal form of beans, or the universal essence, the thought of how it might feel once the beans were in the body, all this and more floated through Lohbado's mind.

The big challenge sometimes is to not be distracted. The mind is clear for a few seconds. Next, the mind clouds over. It gets swept away into a mental image, memory, fantasy or some wishful thinking, or into a hazy, soft cloud of dullness. The mind often is lazy. It looks at things and attaches mental labels. Someone shows you a picture. You say, “Oh, a picture,” without actually seeing the picture. You walk past trees. You’re vaguely aware of trees along the street. The trees melt into a generalized mental blur, the label “trees”, so that one barely notices the trees. One’s eyes might be directed towards a tree without actually seeing the tree. The word tree might flash in mind, but does one actually see the individual tree with its wealth of sensual qualities?

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