Friday, June 13, 2014

inner wealth inner void

Lohbado in a cafe

Do you feel wealthy or empty inside? Lohbado was shocked to hear many people speak of ennui, anxiety, inner void, lack of interests, not knowing what to do, lack of purpose. Many people who complain about feeling empty, bored and without purpose are people who have a lot of financial resources, job security, in other words, all the material things necessary to create a rich and meaningful life. So why are they suffering? Lohbado could empathize with their pain. Nobody has an easy ride through life. Everyone faces challenges.

Lohbado preferred to pose questions than to provide answers. It's more interesting to make direct contact with a problem or situation, to fully experience what's involved, to be curious and explore it from many angles, than to react with a whole bunch of blah blah. It's not a moralistic conundrum. It's neither good nor bad. It just happens.

Lohbado had no answer. He could talk about various practical measures he took to enliven and enrich his own life. But he knew his coping mechanisms might not work for others. His approach to life: stop, look and listen. Be playful and interested, not dogmatic, rigid or opinionated. Cultivate imagination.

Lohbado defined imagination as opening the mind, giving oneself permission to explore inner and outer worlds, to go beyond preconceived notions. Ignore the conditioned voices in your head that tell you what you're doing is dumb, or that you lack the ability to do anything, or that you're inadequate and pathetic. Lohbado's mind also cranked out thousands of negative messages, which tried to encourage low self esteem. He knew to not take the thoughts too seriously.

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