Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cosmic Saliva

As he got older, Lohbado frequently dreamed about death. He dreamed about walking across the Secret Desert. Dangerous doors leading into inner sanctuaries or holy tabernacles lured him into twilight zones. Sometimes, while in the temple, Lohbado sensed the divine presence of the goddess Oorsis. She stroked him with pleasant touch. Blissful feeling transformed Lohbado's body into a vehicle of love, while Oogah roamed the mountains and looked for rocks to break.

Lohbado experienced oneness with Oorsis. Their essences mingled into ecstatic union. Sensual images possessed his mind stream, for example, the sense of spaciousness one feels while standing at the edge of the ocean during sunset, or watching sun rise over distant hills. His visual field vibrated with the rich sensations of rose buds and orchid petals and lily pistol and stamen. His ears bathed in the music of the spheres, vibrations of wellbeing. The pleasurable bliss was so intense, Lohbado felt his body melt away. He dissolved into a perfumed mist over the altar. He saw lightening and heard thunder. He felt Oorsis drool into his ear. Her saliva leaked into his brain. He realized his body was a finite reference point, with access to the infinite.

When he woke up, he knew his life would never be the same.

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