Friday, June 26, 2015


A contemplation about moisture and fluids, a river flowing inside the circulatory system, blood vessels and veins, water flowing off a mountain from glacier melt, the sound of water created waves of relaxation. To walk at the edge of the ocean and to listen to waves flowing in and out, one instant then the next, the flow of time, Lohbado got lost in a stream of consciousness. A body contains moisture. A dead body dries out. The skeleton eventually might crumble to dust. The moisture occurs in containers, or flows in a canal. Water flows from a fountain. Rain falls from the sky.

Lohbado went for a walk in the graveyard. He gazed at the Virgin Mary and thought of his mother who died in 1981. He contemplated how he formed in her body. He thought of her kindness in making sure he stayed alive once he was born. Of course, he would rather not have been born. But one has no choice in the matter. One either lives or doesn't live. To live requires motion, that one eat and drink and make friends. Without others, one would not survive very long.

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