Sunday, June 28, 2015

evening bike ride in Montreal

Pho Hao Restaurant
Decairie and Sherbrooke
Rue de Courcelle
Lachine Canal
One of the joys of living in Montreal is being able to go out and enjoy a variety of visual forms, textures and colors. Lohbado went on a Saturday evening bike ride, since the forecast was for heavy rain the next day. It's fun to ride on a Saturday night and to listen to the parties going on, especially while riding through old neighborhoods like St. Henri and Verdun. In the old days, people used to hang out on balconies and front steps and socialize on a pleasant summer evening. That way of life appears to be giving way to the new era of gentrification, high rises and condos, not to mention the competition offered by cyberspace or private Internet worlds. Enjoy the old ways while they last.

It's pleasant to finally arrive at the water. There's an excellent system of bike trails and greenery, with benches and picnic tables along the way. One can relax and let go of the pressure. Worries and fears become like water under the bridge.

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