Friday, July 3, 2015

Moronovian Ritual

ink drawings from a Lohbado art book
A Moronovian ritual offers little explanation and few traces, other than ink drawings or various paintings and maybe a video or two as well. Ritual is a general term going back as far as historical records, or anthropological artifacts. The term covers a huge variety of religious experience, something one might find in a book such as Varieties of Religious Experience, William James. Religious is a controversial term which won't be discussed here. This is a a story, part of Lohbado's memoirs.

Some things are best done and experienced. To talk about it could create misunderstanding and needless complication. There's a joyful side of human nature, which faces what lies in the shadows, or comes to terms with demons in the mind and in doing so, is able to move beyond. Problems arise when one represses deep seated fears, or denies their existence. Such denial or repression could manifest as chronic anxiety, panic attacks, neurotic hypersensitivity, defensiveness, outbursts of rage and so on. To face the demons is perhaps like turning on the light and having a look to see if there are monsters hiding under the bed.

For examples of Club Morono rituals, visit the Club Morono playlist or Lohbado channel on youtube. It's a way of moving beyond the barriers of one's personality. Personality, or one's set of conditioned responses and unexamined opinions is a huge obstacle to discover one's true nature which is vast, profound and like the sun. One's likes and dislikes, one's strong emotions and naive views about reality are like clouds which obscure the sun. When one relaxes and opens to what is going on, let thoughts and feelings come and go without reacting, then gradually clouds might dissolve. One might begin a ritual feeling sick, miserable, depressed, angry or crazed with lust and hunger. If one faces what's going on in oneself, one might choose to not act out, to not do something one might regret. One might avoid getting into trouble. Sometimes as a flash of anger occurs, it helps to acknowledge the anger, take a deep breath and let it go.

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