Friday, August 28, 2015

all seeing eye

The All Seeing Eye is one of the Mysteries of the Moronovian Universe. There’s a sense of watching and being watched, seeing and being seen. Look into each others eyes. Look into windows at people inside rooms who look out at people on the street.

There’s the mind’s eye. Close the eyes and daydream. There’s the eye of introspection. Look within. Look at your mind. What is your mind doing right now? What habits does your mind follow? What thought loops, opinions or beliefs does your mind subscribe to? Do you believe everything that flows through your stream of consciousness? Are you able to admit that you could be wrong, or do you claim omnipotent infallibility? Are you open to consider other points of views, or to accommodate new information, new discoveries or errors in logic? Perhaps some of your opinions contradict your other opinions. 

The mind is a real circus. Have a look. 

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