Wednesday, August 26, 2015

the meaning of zero

The story of zero, feel like zero, enter the zero. Zero represents an absence, the presence of absence. The presence of the symbol zero in all its circular splendor indicates absence.

    Zero is a symbol used to represent nothing or the absence of something, for example, zero pencils in the pencil box, zero beer in the fridge, zero company. Zero as symbol or variable could contain something. Zero= x. X could be whatever you like.

    This seems about the simplest way to describe what is not complicated, so why mention it? Lohbado mentioned it because the letter Os in his name resemble zeroes and because he felt lonely and empty inside. While residing in an abandoned house, his only company was the contents of his mind, plus the material setting... the house, furniture and so on.

    What is mind? One won’t get far, since there are so many questions leading back to go. It’s like being on a circular track along the circumference of a zero traced in space. Lohbado’s mind went in zero patterns or discs. Various discs played thought sequences. Lohbado’s mind contained a huge compact disc library of thought sequences. He played the discs, or rather, the discs played themselves. Sometimes no disc played. He sometimes sat in silence.

    The disc zero, a whole disc of chatter about the various meanings and implications of zero, not to mention binary code, zero and one, or the zero zero zero code to erase incriminating evidence from hard drives, on this occasion, a writing session, pen and paper, Lohbado felt like zero. Zero people except memory of people, isolation is part of being retired or a dome veteran. Many people over the age of fifty or sixty end up spending most of their time alone.


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