Tuesday, August 25, 2015

wonder power gravy

Eddie Armonde from Fuhduk worked as a cooperant with the Department of Regulation. Most of his activities were confidential. Lohbado didn’t even ask. He didn’t want to know. One night they met at Hair of the Dog Bar and Grill. They sat at a little round table on the back terrace enclosed in a stone wall. It was easier to talk out there. Inside, blaring music made it necessary to shout if one wished to communicate.

    Eddie went into his standard rap about high interest tax shelter placements and how to erase evidence of shady dealing. Controversial transactions were filed under O. In case of investigation or legal action, the code to erase incriminating evidence was OOO. Eddie recommended the best policy was to stay low. Don’t talk too much. Be careful who you choose as a friend in the new world.

    Eddie said there was a fortune to be made in brown sauce oozing from a hole in the ground, a natural gravy with healing properties and which could also be used as fuel. Social media sites touted the wonder power gravy as an unproven natural cure for arthritis, hemorrhoids, personality disorders, severe mood swings and as a weight loss formula. Eddie Armonde cooperated with two administrations and a pharmaceutical corporation. He was all set to live the good life in the new world.

    A factory turned the healing gravy solution into miraculous cream and wonder-power tablets. The only complication was the location of the hole. The hole was on holy ground. For centuries, the sacred gravy had been used in mind-expanding rituals to make one the passive receptacle of the Great Preceptor’s Command. That’s where things got complicated. A combination of bribery and force persuaded the Gravities to accept too good to be true offers and to go with the flow.


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