Sunday, August 23, 2015

flower temple

temple of flowers

flower candles in the bath tub
The mind is like a temple. Many voices in the temple, not all of them helpful... the voice of fear and despair could lead to a prison of pain. The reward of relaxing is one relaxes. The mind uncoils. The water becomes calm.

    Lohbado sat in a small park outside a temple and imagined what it would be like when he reached Yamaville, an imaginary city, a metaphysical place in Lohbado’s imagination. Lohbado first had a vision of Yamaville about twenty years ago when he collapsed in a meadow of shale, under an overcast sky, after hiking nearly four hours without a drink. His throat tight with mucous, even his saliva glands dried up. He tried to swallow. Each attempt to swallow tightened his throat and increased the sensation of being strangled.

    He imagined a city square, a fountain in the middle, plenty to drink. A bronze deity rested on a pedestal in the middle of the basin. Water spouted form his mouth and from the top of his head and from a hole in his heart. The deity was hermaphrodite, no need for help, a deity of pleasure and independence. The deity fed on the products of its own body and lived in a state of relaxation. Lohbado gazed at the statue then took a picture.

    As he lowered the camera, he noticed a woman staring at him. She approached and asked if he’d taken her picture. Lohbado said no. He showed her to prove it, a picture of the temple. Her fingers touched the camera screen to scroll through images of faucets, sinks, platters of food and textured walls, floors and ceilings. She leaned over his shoulder. Her grey hair brushed his cheek. She placed a hand on his hand and gazed at him through lenses which slightly distorted her dark brown eyes and said, “What’s with all the sinks and bathtubs?”

    “They’re fascinating,” said Lohbado.

    “Then you’d like mine. A real antique, a claw foot tub with the original enamel handles and faucet.” Then she blushed. Her comment was like an invitation. She wasn’t sure and neither was Lohbado. At the same time, he was curious about her tub.

    She invited him to her place, she she was free for the afternoon. He did a photo shoot of her tub. She filled it with water. On Lohbado’s request, she lit and floated some flower candles in the water. She opened a bottle of wine and spent two or three hours joking around. Both of them were experienced enough to not rush things. Both had been burned from numerous relationships. As one gets older, a more playful approach is desirable. No need to possess everything. Enjoy the moment. Let it go. Let things unfold. Breathe in, breath out, heartbeat, saliva, digestion, nervous system...


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