Thursday, May 19, 2016

a cultural outing

Lohbado was invited to visit the Musée d' art contemporain at Place des Arts in Montreal. It was a culturally rich experience of sight and sound. The main exhibit was a series of video installations. It could be viewed as video painting. Instead of using a paint brush to produce a static image, one could use video cameras and recording equipment to create moving images and sound. Large video screens were set up in various rooms, enabling one to be totally drawn into the audio/video experience.
A key to enjoying modern art is to open the mind before you enter the gallery. Contemporary art often involves exploration, or going beyond the familiar. It might present things in a way one never considered, or show images one hadn't seen before.

Somebody in the gallery asked Lohbado, what do you think? Lohbado's reply was: don't think. Let go of mental chatter. Be open to what is happening in the gallery. Be willing to make an effort to understand the presentation, even if it is new, unfamiliar and maybe even irritating. Soon the discomfort and bewilderment passes as one becomes immersed in the artwork, without the self-based commentary. Soon the exhibit becomes very easy to understand. It's a delightful way of experiencing the act of being alive.

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