Sunday, May 8, 2016

Moronovian creative process

digital painting by Lohbado
What you do first is create baloney, garlic sausage, grilled tofu or lentil burger; then destroy it. This is the Sandcastle Principle. Make a sandcastle. Waves, wind and rain wash it away. Creativity involves a process. The first step is to take a chance. Begin. The first gestures might be dull or predictable. It's ok to be dull at the tabernacle, as long as you do it whole-heartedly and are willing to accept the consequences. Don't shy away from being exposed. What is there to expose? The consequences aren't serious. At worst, you'll create something boring.

Come all tone-deaf musicians, stuttering speakers, half blind photographers.... ok ok ok ok. This is not a mockery. I don't want to give a wrong impression. This is not a mockery. It's based on respect for life and human dignity.

Whatever happens is a story. The mind sorts things into little stories. Today is a story of Lohado who lives in a city. The story could affect mood... ie, if it's a happy or sad story. Choose a story. Do you view the world as friendly or hostile? Do you view people as friend or foe? Are you against others? Do you view others as being against you?

Lohbado paused to cough, a tickle in the lungs. Tell a story about the cough. List possible causes or single out one that tickles your fancy.

Lohbado's mind delivered lots of messages about things. His mind got involved in commentary or interpretation of things his mind gathered from arrangements of sense inputs. Endless wash of sight sound taste touch smell stimulated thought. Thought ranged from reasoning to emotional reaction, daydream or spacing out.

To make things easier, Lohbado tried to tell himself encouraging stories. Lohbado lay on the sofa when it rained heavily. He wasn't in the mood for walking in the rain. He remembered experiences in the wilderness, times when he took cover in a tent or under bushes, shelter from snow, sleet or rain.

One time, when in the mountains, he spent all day in the tent, since the snow came down so heavily, visibility was reduced to near zero. He lay in a sleeping bag in the ten and enjoyed the smell of earth and greenery. He fantasized about being back in the womb and wondered why he'd been born. That's an unanswerable question. You were born because you were born. End of story.

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