Tuesday, May 24, 2016

lohba vlog 29

Warm weather has returned to Montreal. Lohbado enjoyed moments of silence in his apartment, then went out to savour the sounds of summer: lawn mowers, power tools, road construction. Sometimes in the park one can hear birds. Lohbado also contemplated the nature of self, how it is composed of many things.

He thought of monads, the simple substances mentioned by the ancient Greeks, then turned into a famous philosophical presentation in the work of Leibniz. His Monadology describes monads as being like little mirrors of the cosmos. Lohbado imagined how when one dies, the sense of self might dissolve like smoke. If one thinks of self as a kind of glue that holds memories, fantasies, thoughts and ideas together, then when the glue lets go, the heap of material could float away, or dissolve into fine particles, or recombine with other particles. Lohbado wasn't interested so much in finding an answer to unanswerable questions as he was in contemplating in wonderment the mysteries of existence and the strangeness of being somebody.

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