Friday, December 2, 2016


in Notre-dame-de Neiges Cemetery Montreal
Anxiety comes and goes in waves. It could happen to anyone for a wide variety of reasons. It could be change in the weather, life challenges, relationship problems, money problems. The way of the world is an ocean of seething emotions, ego battles, conflict, sickness and eventually death. Sometimes it feels like too much. One wakes in the night, heart pounding, in a sweat, the whole body in pain, as if the system is ready to shut down because it feels as though pressures of having to exist are more than one can bear.

Lohbado has no answer, no ultimate solution. Life could be viewed as a process, like a river flowing to the sea. Lohbado coped with anxiety by riding the bicycle, setting aside time every day for meditation, reflection, contemplation and pursuing anything creative. Lohbado enjoyed photography and making videos.

It's nice if you could find somebody to talk to. Some people are willing to listen. But be careful who you choose. Many people get irate, even angry when you mention your pain. Everyone is in pain. Maybe the person you complain to is suffering worse than you. Nobody has it easy. Sometimes it's best to listen to the other person. Maybe the other person's pain is a lot like your own. So then let the other person do the talking and one could learn from each other.

And if all else fails, go down to the river and cry your heart out. That's what Lohbado does sometimes. Go somewhere, to the graveyard, to the canal, to a weeping wall and unburden your heart. Enjoy a session of lamentation and prayer.

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