Tuesday, December 20, 2016

coffee and sink meditation

summer 2006
Sink faucet provided water to make coffee. Drain received spillage and slop. Both are part of the human experience... to consume, ingest, collect, utilize. Waste matter, ashes, grey water... down the drain or in the bucket. OOO ... open a door. CHA... jump right in. A Moronovian dance, OOo and chA malleable, change the beat, fast or slow, loud or soft. Tweak the pitch up or down. It's also light and dark, negative and positive, suffering and and and and and....

Lohbado's grandmother Aida Stumps told Peter Stumps to not shy away from pain or darkness. If you try to ignore the demons, they become louder and more insistent. Pain won't go away. Challenges never cease to emerge. Instead of reacting in fury, depression, self pity or resentment, one could view suffering as a catalyst. It could provide momentum to crack through the shell of self-centred obsessions, unexamined beliefs and opinions. One could go beyond the dull dreary habitual way of doing things and open up to something a bit more inspiring, or at least interesting, dignified, friendly, playful, imaginative, however you like.

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