Saturday, February 18, 2017

outside the house of pain

Lohbado dreamed about the time he visited friends at the hospital after a radiation storm blew in off the plains. Exposure resulted in visceral, melting mutations. Lohbado got to know Dr. Jane Wormsly as she collected worm samples at the hospital.

After the Apocalyptic War, the hospital was reorganized into pain wards. One ward dealt with throbbing, crushing pain. Another ward specialized in flashes of electric zap which set a person's teeth on edge and made hair stand on end. Then of course, the ward of nausea a cornucopia of unbearable nausea with ammonia, rancid tomato juice and hormonal overtones. Biting, tearing, stabbing, burning, bubbling and erupting pain, Lohbado ran screaming from the hospital and chatted with one of the orderlies on the front lawn.

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