Wednesday, November 18, 2015

bike accident

Lohbado got hit by a car. The motorist didn’t see Lohbado riding down the bike trail. The driver decided to turn right. The driver cut across the bike path and smashed into the rear wheel of Lohbado’s bike. Lohbado flew in one direction, the bike flew in another. Lohbado was fine, a bit bruised, but ok. The rear wheel of the bike was warped and the carrier frame bent. He had to struggle home, a half hour walk, with a damaged bike. The bike should be ready to ride on Thursday. It’s a question of adjusting the spokes with a spoke wrench, a time-consuming process requiring plenty of patience. Meanwhile, walking is the way to stay in shape.

Lohbado wished every morning walk could be a walk through paradise, down streets of beautiful buildings, along the water’s edge, through gardens. In reality, a morning walk involved getting used to the unspectacular trek down residential streets, then along a strip mall to the freeway service road. 

Lohbado wished there could be panoramic views and gorgeous palaces to photograph each time he went out with the camera. In fact, he saw mostly dreary condos, apartment blocks, plain rectilinear shapes and busy streets. One could find a kind of beauty in the desolation and grunge. Each shape expressed something about life. Lohbado could imagine he was walking through a land of visual wealth, a variety of shapes, colours and textures. Suddenly even the dreary became interesting.

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