Monday, January 18, 2016

crossing the street

Cote des Neiges Montreal
Sometimes with all the snow and weather changes from day to day it's easy to get a headache and associated sensations. Most of Lohbado's everyday routine was quite ordinary. He tended to walk the same streets, see the same shops and displays, the same perspective of streets. Sometimes, in the moment of everything feeling a bit dreary something would pierce through the fog in Lohbado's mind. While crossing the street the other day, he pulled out his point and shoot camera and quickly took a few pictures. It's fascinating all the graphics, the words screaming out messages and the feeling that you have to keep moving. If you stop, a motor vehicle might honk at you, or people could get irritated and suspicious. If you're looking for rest, follow the red arrow to the mattress department, where you'll find mega-deals.

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