Friday, January 8, 2016

under the hood

pictures taken in St Joseph's Oratory, Montreal
What are the images? What do they mean? What is the purpose of an angel? What goes on behind closed doors? Who has the key to unlock the door? Grab on to the brass handle. Have a look inside. What goes on under the hood? One's mind is a strange beast. Only a minute fragment of what is going on ever reaches one's awareness. There are stories about people reaching decisions while sleeping, or solving complex problems while relaxing in the park. Brain scientists scan the brain, observe neurons firing and chemical processes. Brain scans attempt to discover what mental events occur where.

The strangeness of the mind is reflected outwards, in how things are arranged. What motivates a person to light a candle, or to make a little statue then pray to it? Why is there so much anxiety hope and fear? What exactly is passion? Step over here and we'll explore these questions in greater intimacy. First close the door. Take off your clothes. A comforting hug goes a long ways, warm friendly gestures, a moment of being close with another person... Lohbado laughed. Due to damage he sustained while crossing the Plains of Radiation over a decade ago, Lohbado no longer practiced the art of love. But he was well versed in friendliness. He was also a connoisseur of images, colors and forms and how they occurred after a person had an idea or intention. The images evoke or communicate something, without coming right out and saying it. Much of reality can't be quantified or measured. The human mind.... aaaahhhAAAAAHHHHHaaaaa haa ha ha ha yes yes yes yes... thank you thank you thank you cookie cookie cookie you can eat one if you want to.

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