Tuesday, January 26, 2016

the hope and fear routine

Lohbado dreaming

Lohbado dreamed about being in an old kitchen with tall glass door cabinets. He was doing the dishes with the same wise old woman who appeared in the dream from the night before. She went into the pantry then came out and said she was working on her masters degree... a degree in nothing. They laughed at the vanity of the whole system of seeking tangible evidence of having arrived somewhere or attained something.

For the second night in a row Lohbado dreamed of a wise old woman, who pointed a way out of the labyrinth of confusion. The solution was right before his very eyes and gazing him in the face. All he had to do was stop, have a look and let go of the old hope and fear routine.

On the first night, Lohbado was lost in a huge campground next to a lake in the mountains. He went to use the washroom, then took a wrong turn and got lost in the rows of tents and trailers. Finally, he went into a huge old renaissance building and went way up the stairs to the third or fourth story. He'd never been in such an elegant old hotel. Near the top, Lohbado met his grandmother, seated with some people in an ornate lounge. She offered him a glass of water and said she would guide him out of the claustrophobic confusion and back to the highway, since she had been intending to go there.

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