Friday, January 1, 2016

Lohbado's New Years Resolution

Lohbado picked up an eraser. Erase and start again. Erase hope and fear. Start again fresh. Clean slate. Begin. Happy new year!

Lohbado took a snap shot of the eraser then plopped it on a random snap shot taken with an old point and shoot camera. This became his colouring book, a recreational activity on the first day of the year. Put boring snap shots in a graphics software and paint on them. Jazz it up. Have fun. Give yourself permission to play around. No need to be uptight. No need to explain or justify.

The eraser mesmerized Lohbado. The folds pulled him into the material. It resembled grey matter, a cauliflower brain. Erase expectation. Erase hope and fear. Clear away rubbish to free the mind to enjoy beauty of everyday sights and sounds. No need to hop on a plane and fly to a south sea island for a beautiful experience. It’s all here, paradise while struggling down a slush covered street in Montreal, or wherever you live.

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