Friday, March 25, 2016

bright red model Cadillac Eldorado 1959

The largest fins ever put on a Cadillac are on this model. The 1960 model toned them down because people's tastes were starting to change. General Motors were the styling leader of the day. Fins were started in the late 1940s, very tiny fins. Each years they grew slightly larger. They reached their largest size in 1959. Each fin looked like it was housing a rocket. The tail lights look like the exhaust of a rocket. It was part of the rocket age, race to the moon. Maybe this car will be there first. This Eldorado was also the ultimate in chrome ornamentation. In 1960 chrome began to be more subdued. In 1961 the same model Cadillac has much smaller fins and way less chrome ornamentation. That trend continued through the decade, getting rid of fins and cutting down on chrome. This has nothing to do with function. It's about fashion. Chrome and fins will come back if it becomes fashionable.

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